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#Periscope and #Twitter Live Streams

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Twitter Complements Periscope and Vice Versa

Periscope helps twitter become more visual and connect with it’s audience.  Periscope sits nicely on twitter and is syndicated seamlessly through the #periscope hashhtag.

Hashtags work very efficiently on twitter.  At this time 80,000 is a standard day for #periscope hashtag use, and it’s been up to near 100,000.  I get my stats from for the hashtags.

The #tagtribes community on twitter, periscope and facebook I am part of set a new record for daily use of the hashtag, so we are growing together.  It’s great to see a tribe and community that share a lot of the same interests.

Twitter helps periscope syndicate out more, so that those who invest the time to do periscope live broadcasts can reach a larger audience and scale their relationships with better time leverage.

Twitter is great for hashtags

What I really like twitter for is the hashtags.  There is so much information out there that it seems narrowing down your niche and tribe to the hashtags is a great way to be part of the big conversation.

The internet is full of so much data that it needs more focus.  Honestly most of the 20 years I have been online I didn’t use hashtags very often because I kind of got it, but I understood them in a way of being cute, or telling people what you are talking about, but when you look at them as a way to grow a targeted tribe based on the hashtag they are very powerful.

They can be great time leverage and it will take on a slow and steady pace of building a following.  I feel the hashtags and twitter are a much more live audience on demand then facebook.  I believe my periscope replay viewers come from clicks on my headlines on tweets on twitter and also the hashtags.  I believe it’s more like a 5 to 60 minute delay.  I believe the instant live viewers on periscope are those already with the app open, or close by and also with the push notifications and likely with the sound on.

Twitter has a massive daily audience

When I build my funnels online I focus on a daily audience and tribe and let that tribe help me build more of a tribe, that can be a strong alliance of advocates and referrals.

This causes you to develop your product and continue to make it better all of the time.  When you focus on what others share on twitter, or share on periscope you’ll focus on creating a product that is so great that people have to share.

This is part of the growth hacking funnel that I love to share with others.  Right now I am having someone upload 221 of my periscope videos that ended up on and upload them to twitter with custom titles, descriptions and keyword tags.

My goal is to put out a lot of great content that helps people daily and over time the word of mouth will help my following grow and challenge me to improve my content from the feedback that I get.  My current pivot point is teaching headlines, or I’d call it headline and funnel hacks.

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