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Periscope Live is value

People perceive live as valuable because it seems like scarce because time is scarce.  It has a different feel then all of the archives online.

People value their time and that’s why when you know you have live people on your periscope it really means something because they are using that scarce commodity.  Also your headline can tell people that you respect their time by what it reads.

Something like 7 tips in 7 minutes is a great way to give people a lot of value in a little bit of time.  People love value and they love to save time, they know that means more money for them in the future and more free time in their life.

I still think that because it’s LIVE it just comes across as more of an adrenaline rush to people and more exciting.  It’s like breaking news to people they love to stay up to the minute.

Replays work great with headlines

My research has shown that I’ll get a lot more replays when I either turn off the live broadcast after a few minutes because they didn’t get the push notification on periscope fast enough, turn it on, connect to the internet, or find that twitter post fast enough that I went live.

Adding hashtags, or a great headline for sure helps me get more people.  I will say that when I watch people put in too many hashtags it’s difficult to read and I don’t recommend it because it looks too sales like.

I like to keep 1 or 2 hashtags in at most because when you go live with periscope and choose the tweet option it tweets to twitter with LIVE and #periscope.  So before you know it you are up to 3 hashtags.

Make your headlines amazing so that you peak curiosity.  Something like 3 Mistakes You can’t afford to make on Periscope especially if you get viewers.

Replays work great with hashtags

As stated above, hashtags make a big deal in getting replays.  I have noticed using #growthhacking in my headlines, that I get added to twitter lists quickly.  It keeps my twitter very busy with notifications.

You get twitter followers and soon you eventually get periscope followers which lead to more live viewers and more social proof which leads to more live viewers.

See how just some simple hashtags spark all of that.  I have been using #tagtribes as a hashtag as our facebook group just hit 1000 in just 16 days, which is very impressive, it’s quite an accomplishment.

I intend to post a funny periscope related meme about every day to keep people laughing and feeling they aren’t alone.

Remember with your hashtags to keep them relevant and targeted to who you are trying to attract.

This is attraction marketing at it’s finest and aligns with my law of attraction facebook page.  Remember the hashtags that you put in your headline on periscope will tweet out to twitter.

I go a step further and even put hashtags in my blog posts, that way when people tweet them with my social share button it automatically puts hashtags in the tweet.  A great way for those sharing to get followers.

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