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#Periscope into the future and predictions

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Periscope future updates

Most of the main questions to the co-founder and CEO when he makes appearances have to do with using landscape mode.  Some people feel that the comments are too fast, and some people think more people should comment, others think to many comment.

I believe you are going to see a lot of iterations over the coming months as millions are now using it and the feedback is going to come in fast from testing the product for so many hours.  I know there are features people want to see, but then their are features that periscope is likely working on.

I just saw that the new map update came out just over a week ago that I got on a global update on my smartphone with android.  I like the feature and I blog about it because it allows me to search all over the world to find people scoping.

I’ll let you know many on the other side of the world have headlines in different languages.

Periscope predictions

I predict that the landscape mode will be at the top of their list try, although many have made arguments that people don’t use their phones that way, and also many commercials are seen that way.  We’ll have to see how it plays out in the near future.

I think the commenting thing will have to change as it’s just too many comments too fast on some broadcasters channels.  Also for those that are new, not that many people comment, it’s kind of slow.  This is why consistent content over time should make a difference as far as getting the comments to grow as people have questions and become more comfortable.

I think in the future many scopes won’t have 5 minutes of thank you’s before getting to the real content.

Periscope in the big picture

In the big picture I think periscope is meant for connecting.  I think it’s meant for not only building relationships, but scaling relationships.

For example facebook you can scale pages, but it’s hard to scale relationships on those pages, even with engaging.  You can do a facebook chat or facebook 1 on 1 chat, but that’s not really scalable.  Just like with Email when you email thousands of people you are scaling yourself and your time.

That’s great business, and a great way to monetize.  Technology and social media offers that opportunity.  I believe that periscope is one of the first to offer that scalability, but at the same time offering 1 on 1 connection in a very subtle way in the beginning.  Put another way you are scaling connection and relationships which is a pretty big deal.

I’m excited about it as a sales, relationship and growth hacking funnel and I look to periscope about it in the future.

This is important as it relates to monetizing because you’ll need more than 1 or 2 times to talk to someone to build a relationship over time.  This is why Headlines to Build a Funnel and Cultivate a funnel are very important.

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