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#Periscope Connected to #Twitter and #Hashtags

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Periscope works great with hashtags

I’ve emphasized a lot in blog posts about the hashtags because they are very important to your overall 80/20 marketing.

If you think about how many millions of hashtags probably exist then think about how you want to narrow that down with the 80/20 rule to target and attract only those that you are interested in.  Hashtags are one way to do it.

Hashtags also get re-purposed in your blog headlines, twitter headlines, periscope headlines, youtube headlines, and anchor text and so many other times you get links.

Think of all the times other share to twitter and how important those hashtags are.

The reason they work so well together is twitter is awesome with hashtags, and twitter owns periscope.  Twitter is also the syndication to periscope and helps periscope to grow through word of mouth.

Twitter is great with Hashtags

Twitter has stuck to the hashtag thing for years and most people didn’t understand them, or use them much including me.

I do see how hashtags can really 80/20 your marketing when it relates to targeting and attracting just the right clients.

For example I am doing headlines with 80/20 in the headline now and I realize many don’t know what that means, but I want to attract the people that know what it means and love the 80/20 rule like me and are always optimizing and refining life.

80/20 has now become mainstream for many and has not just a time savings and results connotation to it, it also has a lot to optimizing and refining in today’s world that is always dynamically changing.

Try or if you want to learn more about hashtags on these sites.  Also is a paid version that many recommend.  I use to see how often hashtags are used.

I recommend the hashtags not just because of how important they are for growing your followers, or how important they are in your headline, but they are very important to help you figure out your micro-niche in today’s world of abundance of long-tail niches.

Hashtags are perfect for scanning thousands of niches and learning from until you find one that truly resonates with you for months and not just in the moment.

RT hashtags for followers and twitter lists

You can put RT at the front of your tweets on twitter or #RT and this is a great chance to give others on twitter a call to action to share and retweet your post.

Make it shorter then 140 characters so they have room to share and add any additional words or hashtags that they wish to add.

When you put in the hashtags in addition to the #RT you increase the probability of more exposure and reaching more people, more impressions, more followers and more followers means more relationships which can lead to growing cash flow and a growing business.

It takes time to build up relationships and trust, so I am giving you some great ideas right here that you can apply on a day to day basis.

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