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Download #Periscope App to your smartphone device

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Download Periscope it’s easy

It’s so easy to download periscope, it’s literally just going to and if you are on IOS or an apple device I suppose you go to the itunes store, but for android it would be google play and just click install and then open it when you are done.

Some may not have enough space on their phone, and if you don’t just go to your files and delete a few videos or images from the past that you don’t need and free up some space to smartphone.

After you have downloaded it you can either watch some videos from periscope experts like Alex Pettitt or Mark Shaw on Youtube or watch their live broadcasts on periscope.

Often they do 1 or 2 per day, so if you want to binge consume faster you’ll have to go to Mark’s URL or go to the #tagtribes group by clicking here  This is a great way to meet other people and and learn and connect with each other.

Download even if your friends haven’t joined

Many friends don’t join periscope in the early days.  Only about 2 million people use periscope daily, but they love it.  Of those 10 million have downloaded the periscope app.  Alot of people watch videos live from their laptop or on the web.

At this time the web doesn’t allow you to comment or click to give hearts.  You will make periscope friends now and you won’t necessarily have your good friends on their for months, years or maybe never.

Some will get the potential, many others will not.  This is why we are a periscope tribe and we hang out together.

Many of those in the periscope community are already broadcasters or coaches by nature and they move a lot faster on a daily basis and are more into scaling vs. growing like those in the offline world.  Don’t wait for anyone, just go out there and make things happen.

Go get a lot of followers by earning them with great headlines and content.

10 Million downloads as of middle of August

It was cool to see a scope last week with updated charts and graphs from the co-founder CEO about how their are now 10 million downloads of the periscope app and 2 million active users daily. Also 40 years of content watched per day collectively.

We are at 2% going now into 3% penetration of twitter users to use periscope and we are onto something big here that we are a part of.

It’s amazing the traction and how big this is becoming.  Watch for these numbers to scale over time and not just grow linear.  I think we are going to see some amazing things in the future with periscope.

Right now there aren’t alot of important stats out just yet, so be patient with that.  Watch for big announcements from the CEO to come soon.  One thing is for sure periscope is on a roll with it’s addicting technology.

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