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The #1 strategy to sell my mn home for a full price offer fast as-is without 101 showings

Posted by on Apr 12, 2021 in seller financing

Sell your house on terms and retire

I’m looking to sell my Minnesota home for full price easily and quickly off market as-is, so i can avoid hundreds of showings…

Do you want peace of mind…

(I know it sounds too good, this unique idea it’s very possible keep reading…)

How to Sell with Seller financing With Your Minnesota Home Fast

But first does any of this sound like you?

Are you tired of watching all of your neighbors houses sell for top dollar and you are …

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How to Buy a 6 bedroom MN home at around a $2499 monthly payment vs. a $4000 monthly rent

Posted by on Apr 12, 2021 in 6 bedroom

6 bedroom Minnesota home

If you are looking for an affordable 6+ bedroom

Closer to $2499 month

(I know this sounds too good, but I’ll explain the 1 loophole below…)

Here’s what I have for a unique program to make you think about that doesn’t include competing with all of the other local renters
So Here’s what it will do for you…
Possibly Save you over a thousand a month from the rental rates of well over $4000 per month that I’ve researched

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Right Before You buy a Minnesota home, Rent a room short-term

Posted by on Apr 11, 2021 in rent a room

Rent a room Moving and buying a Minnesota home

If you are in the market to buy a Minnesota home very soon and don’t currently have an agent…

….And you want to rent a room temporarily month to month

Here’s what I have…

as ONE option to help you with your deadline…

it will…

Help you coordinate your timeline for buying and or selling your home…

(I know this seems like a hard thing to find on your own, but I’ll tell you how it’s possible below…)

Here’s what

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