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Traveling real estate investors to Florida, Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico and the US Territory Islands

Posted by on Mar 12, 2021 in seller financing

Puerto Rico real estate investors

I have traveling investor business partners who are always looking for great cash flowing seller financing properties on terms

This means that, as the property owner, you are providing owner financing. Seller financing with terms works best when you own the house free and clear and there are no loans on the property.

Due to the years of low interest rates since 2008, we prefer to protect our investment with less risk by having a similar competitive 0% interest rate

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High inventory deflation real estate

Posted by on Mar 8, 2021 in high inventory

High inventory of houses vacation location

Low housing inventory

Right now the inventory is really low in real estate in almost every market and real agents have 5 to 10 pre-approved buyers in line ready to write a purchase agreement on a home.

Many are for over asking price, with inspection and appraisal waivers. It’s a hot market right now and it’s a sellers market at the time of this writing because there are just many fewer homes than the demand for home buyers.

There are …

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Housing and inflation

Posted by on Mar 5, 2021 in inflation

Housing and inflation

Bond rates and inflation

I have been watching twitter and the news a lot In the last couple of weeks and the macro economists and permabears have all charting about the 10 year yields going way up, about 3x sine 5+ months ago.

When the market demands higher rates to attract investor money it can affect existing bond holders who’s held bonds pay much smaller rates and are worth far less as they pay off smaller yields.

Many say the …

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