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MN home values based on a selling environment supplied with 3.7% unemployment and 100% financing 500ish credit score programs

Posted by on Sep 19, 2019 in minnesota home seller

Selling Minnesota home at the top of the market

If you are thinking of selling your Minnesota home at the the top of the market and wondering what the market will be like years from now let me get you to think about this a little.

You would agree that you can sell your minnesota home for more when there is a high demand of buyers, and when I say buyers I mean pre-approved buyers who banks will lend to. …

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Return on Investment vs. Return of Investment

Posted by on Sep 18, 2019 in investing

Lost money from leverage

For those who have been following my postings on social media you’ve seen the latest breaking news with liquidity issues with the bank lending as predicted.

After reading many articles everyday and being reminded of what I saw leading up to 2008 it got me thinking about the top headlines regarding negative yielding bonds around the world, high yield bonds, junk bonds, IPO’s like wework and even fixed income assets like pension funds that try to …

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Late Payment= Down Payment Buying a Minnesota Home

Posted by on Sep 16, 2019 in home loan

This ‘hard and fast rule’ is not always 100% accurate because some buyers with only one 30+ day late that are reported on their credit in the last 12 months may still get a VA loan or their credit score may not have dipped below a 580 score for VA, so it’s possible to get qualified with the initial automatic underwriting with the quAlifying credit score.

So now that you know the, it depends, and sometimes scenarios, let me explain …

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