Month: September 2017


Strategy: marketing, real estate, and the economy

In this video I discuss long-term thinking and being prepared for all of the changes from Facebook to demographics in real estate and...


Energy connects time & money

Energy connects time & money This video is about how energy connects time and money through time qualifying, monetization, removing resistance, processing emotions,...

Personal brand

Why long-term strategy is so important

Why long-term strategy is so important In this ever changing world it’s important to have a personal brand that you can re-inforce over...

Credit score

Latest Equifax credit news

Latest Equifax credit news on mn home buyingIn this video I talk about the headline to reach the right prospects that really care...

Personal developmentUncategorized

5 pillars of life

5 pillars of lifeIn this video I discuss my 5 pillars from spirituality to mindset, health, relationships and financial. These have been my...

cashflow quandrant

Cash flow quadrant transitioning

Solving the cash flow quadrant problem This video is about solving the cash flow quadrant problem of going from the 9-5 mindset to...

cashflow quandrant

Cash flow quadrant 7 to 8 figures

Cash flow quadrant and 7, 8 figure mindsetIn this video I share the news that a new mindset and framework of optimized thinking...


Optimize past present future

Optimize past present futureThis video is about optimizing your past emotions and beliefs. I discuss which videos you should watch. I also discuss...

Real estate investingUncategorized

7-9 figure real estate, business and investor conversations

In this video I’m discussing the investor meeting from last night and how we can all learn from each other from any quadrant....


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