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Periscope gets you new viewers

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Periscope is no longer around

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one great thing about periscope is that you can get new viewers in addition to twitter users. If you can do long content and gain retention from building relationships long-term by building value that is a great thing.

I’ve like periscope for a very long time and I think this is an advantage over other social networks specifically the video aspect.…

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Facebook live with invites 1 degree of separation marketing

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Hello Minnesota real estate investors…

Facebook live with invites for marketing1 degree of separation marketing for 1000 true fans.
So I’ve been around online since 1995 and have seen the internet evolve a lot. It’s finally coming full circle. I was doing periscope over 2 years ago and now I know Facebook live has been around maybe 18 months.
Most treat it like a selfie or maybe self promotion not sure I haven’t seen that many yet because most are …

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Which social media metrics do I invest in

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Which social media metrics am I investing in
In this video I explain if all the metrics online with marketing which ones I’m keeping my eyes on. I go over Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and I focus on Facebook and relationship building and education.

I speak about how cycles are key in business and a perspective on how to see these metrics. This video is here to provide value for you on how you invest your time each day. Enjoy and …

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