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Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quandrant Concept

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in cashflow quandrant

Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant


Employee and Self-Employed

When listening to Robert Kiyosaki he will point out how most people are employees and make high-taxed income without write-offs, but high tax brackets.  It’s important to understand this because this is where most people are.  He will later get into explaining self-employed and discussing how you get a few more write-offs, but if you listen to the Emyth by Michael Gerber, you will learn about how most self-employed are working in there business vs. on …

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Compound Cashflow Effect

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in compound effect

Compound Cashflow Effect

Compound Cashflow Effect

The one amazing thing beyond the obvious compound effect in all areas of your life is when you focus on compounding the cashflow.  The cashflow is what allows us freedom to live a more balanced life, and while some people chase people for money and push marketing, when you concentrate on pull marketing and cashflow, you are focusing on the retention which is a better mindset anyways.  Build relationships, build long-term cashflow.

When you have the …

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Begin with the end in mind Compound Effect

Posted by on Aug 4, 2016 in compound effect

Begin with end in mind

Begin with the end in mind

It would seem that the when you own a business you’d want to stay focused with the end in mind.  For example you want a great product or service that people rave about and you have many advocates that do most of the marketing for you.  You are flipping the funnel.  With this mindset you go to work on a great product or service, one that people will give you repeat business on, …

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