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Compound Effect: New Leads vs. Retention

Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in compound effect

New Leads vs. retention

New Leads Vs. Retention

Most internet marketers I see online are building a lot of hype, sales and marketing because they need lots of new leads.  A big complaint in the industry is that people don’t stick around because they aren’t feeling helped, and many internet marketers have such low introductory offers that they don’t have time to justify helping and coaching others.  If you focus on a better product and you focus on retention and helping people long-term …

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Compound Effect with Systems and Stats

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in compound effect

stats and systems

Systems and Stats

When it comes to building long-term systems it’s important to build the platform with a business that you are passionate about.  It’s important to want to improve every day and to do some tracking.  What I have learned with clients, facebook, phone calls, sales, closings and more is you want to make a game of tracking and stats.  These are like mini-goals that keep you motivated.  These are the stats that show you are growing or scaling …

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Cashflow Quadrant ESBI by Kiyosaki

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in cashflow quandrant

cashflow quadrant ebsi robert kiyosaki rich dad poor dad

Cashflow Quadrant

Back nearly a decade ago I read about all 20 of Robrt Kiyosaki books at the time, and one of the most important concepts and frameworks that Robert taught was the idea of the cashflow quadrant. He uses the 4 letters ESBI which stands for Employee, Self-Employed, Business, and Investors.  The idea is that an employee works for someone else, doesn’t have freedom, and often doesn’t have the entrepreneur mindset.  The Self-Employed person wants to be an entrepreneur many times, …

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