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The new #blab platform different then #Periscope

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in blab

blab live video streaming broadcasting

I used Blab a few times

It’s an interesting topic and I think it has a great future, but so far I have had glitches.  Because there are 3 to 4 live streams it takes up more bandwidth and data then periscope I believe so the connection slows down a lot.  Having others on there to speak does give for a different experience then periscope.  I found that there was an overlay on the 3rd person that joined or could …

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How to Write Killer Headlines what the others aren’t telling you

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in headlines

how to write headlines

Headlines are the perimeter of the internet

David Ogilvy says it best about how the headlines gets just about everyone.  In fact I don’t think it’s ever been more true then it is today.  People have so many choices in where to invest their time and whether that next article or video is worth watching is often determined from the headline and if it resonates with people.  If you follow my facebook You will notice how much reach I …

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#TagTribes on #Periscope Exploded with New Followers

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in tribes

#tagtribes onperiscope

I added #TagTribes days ago

I just started putting #tagtribes in my periscope bio a few days ago and it exploded with over 120 new followers from our tribe.  @markshaw told me to do it and he is leading the tribe and he is so right about it.  People are putting #tagtribes in their periscope titles, it’s ending up as the conversation on twitter and it’s exploding and taking off.  Days ago it even passed #10x for a day or …

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