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#RT #Meerkat Vs. #Periscope Live Stream Broadcasting

Posted by on Jul 11, 2015 in meerkat, periscope

Meerkat Vs. Periscope Live Stream Broadcasting

I just heard that Meerkat is now offering cameo’s and has a wordpress plugin.  Also I heard that they are going to allow cloud storage and since May Meerkat has been in touch with facebook about connecting to their API. At this time due to the fact that Periscope is owned by twitter and because twitter owns such a large ‘live audience‘ they control this syndication and are able to control …

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#RT #Periscope Connected World

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Periscope Connected World

Periscope can help connect our world even more

I just really believe with periscope we are able to see different people, languages cultures and travel the world or teleport as the CEO or co-founder of periscope says.  It’s a far better product then looking at older photos or writings.  It’s about what’s live and what’s going on these days.  It’s funny as my blog post links and URL’s now have dates built into them and over the years I normally …

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#RT #Periscope Worldwide

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Periscope Worldwide

Periscope Goes Worldwide

Years ago I heard about 5 billion people had access to some kind of mobile network, not everyone had a cell, but maybe everyone knew someone that did.  That’s a large number and now that people are getting free-wifi, our interconnected world is about to get a lot smaller, or more of a community.  Once we add in live broadcast streaming we’ll feel even more connected to people.  It’s going to move our technology and feedback loop

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