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#RT #Facebook Stats Mid 2015

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in facebook, periscope

facebook stats 2015

1.49 Billion on Facebook

This is simply an amazing number.  Here we are with almost 3 billion people online and half 50% use facebook.  50% of world doesn’t even use 1 language.  This is amazing to think 1 company can grow to this size.  I wonder if these are real accounts, and I wonder if they use it almost daily.  Or possibly a few times per week.  How much they use facebook per day is important also.  Facebook is clearly …

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#RT and to see my periscope replays

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in, periscope

periscope replays save and download replays and more

I started using at almost midnight last night and it’s taking off for me.  It automatically saves and catches all of my periscopes and saves the replays in a cloud storage for me. It’s so automated I love it.  Also it has stats of live viewers and hearts for me to study as to what is working.  As soon as I had a headline of save periscopes, download, etc 30 to …

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#RT #Periscope Vs. #Snapchat

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in periscope, snapchat

snapchat vs. periscope

Is Periscope Better Then Snapchat?

How do these two compare.  Periscope is new on the scene and snapchat has a huge user database, and it’s really big with the younger crowd.  I personally haven’t used snapchat, so based on my research I will tell you the big differences.  Here is some from this article “Periscope is focused on providing a pure streaming experience, meaning you go on the app and you see an event happening in real time.  Snapchat,

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