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7-9 figure real estate, business and investor conversations

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In this video I’m discussing the investor meeting from last night and how we can all learn from each other from any quadrant. When you open up your mind to think like an investor you attract other investors and think more like B2b. Check out my future meetings in the Minnesota area



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Sales funnel and cash flow quadrant

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Sales funnel and cash flow quadrant
In this video I talk about the patience of waiting on the sales funnel and follow up and understand what one is in real life through real estate , how many months from start to finish. It’s different from the buyer, seller, listing agent, buyers agent, and it takes a great mindset.
Learn to optimize the process and never stop qualifying your time and following up to get the sale. There is a lot …

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Social media for real estate investing

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Compound Cashflow Effect

See the full version on YouTube or fb later today

Why I use the different social media channels for real estate investing

In this video I discuss why I use the different social media channels and apps today like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, tumblr, etc.

I discuss how some social media platforms are meant for long video and some for short video. I discuss retention and acquisition paired together to help your following scale for video viewership.

I …

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