Create More Cash Flow

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Create More Cash Flow



Video Transcript:

Create More Cash Flow

As a passive business owner or investor your goal is to create more cashflow.

Even as an employee living paycheck to paycheck, or a struggling small business owner, your focus is to create more cashflow.

All 4 types are part of the cashflow quadrant, and your goal is to evolve your way through the quadrants.

The mindset of an employee is not the same as a startup entrepreneur, and to evolve to …

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Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quandrant Concept

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Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant


Employee and Self-Employed

When listening to Robert Kiyosaki he will point out how most people are employees and make high-taxed income without write-offs, but high tax brackets.  It’s important to understand this because this is where most people are.  He will later get into explaining self-employed and discussing how you get a few more write-offs, but if you listen to the Emyth by Michael Gerber, you will learn about how most self-employed are working in there business vs. on …

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Measure and Track Data working ON your business

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measure track quantify your business stats and data analytics

Measure Results in your business

It’s very important that you measure results in your business daily to stay competitive.  Often times you need to look at data and analytics over weeks and months to see the patterns in the data to understand what is working and isn’t working.  For example I may have years of studying google analytics and data, but just looking at data doesn’t help much, you must understand what the data means and be able to …

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