Motivated sellers in minnesota

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How to attract motivated sellersIn this video I discuss how to attract motivated sellers through your marketing from truly understanding their problems, emphasizing, and helping them through the process of their problem.  ​​​

I speak about positioning in marketing, working with wholesalers and those with large amounts of money. Enjoy the video and more to come.

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My daily marketing for real estate investing

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My daily marketing for real estate investingThrough many years of testing strategies in marketing and successes with headlines and seo and real estate investing leads and keeping up with cutting-edge technology daily and video marketing along with the latest in social media, I’m glad I’ve got some great daily tips to teach you for marketing for real estate investing.

I go through the daily apps on my iPhone and all the shortcuts on investing your time to build your real …

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Sales funnel process real estate minnesota

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In this video I’m here to discuss with you the sales cycle timeline for real estate from different peoples perspective from the buyer, seller, credit repair, mortgage broker, real estate agent, and how you must plant the seed and cultivate it.


​​​This will give you a perspective on investing your money and time fo​rthe long run into educating and marketing to others to add value to help be the solution to their problems.


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