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Long-term strategy in an ever-changing world

Posted by on Nov 27, 2017 in Strategy

In today’s world things are changing pretty quickly, especially technology. This means new tactics that you have to keep learning and you are likely trying to compete against the competition 24/7.

It seems like you have to create a lot of content, and with social media your posts keep moving down in ranking while others posts keep replacing yours. The social media networks want to keep you on their platform to have your eyeballs for advertising.

In the video I …

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Marketing analytics, stats, and metrics

Posted by on Nov 27, 2017 in Analytics

I thought I’d do a video on marketing analytics, data, stats, metrics and more.

I’ve been reviewing the google analytics dashboard the last few days and it’s something I use to do going back probably as far back as 2008. I use to track traffic in the early days of the internet around 1998 through a site hitbox.

There are so many variables to analyze with all of the data being collected I’ve now decided to track and focus on …

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How to use video to leverage time to make money in your business

Posted by on Nov 25, 2017 in Video

I created a 10+ minute video for you to watch on how to utilize video to best leverage your time for education and training to help grow your business and make more money.

The video walks through an example as used in real estate, a real estate agent team, and an agent following up with his/her pipeline as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

In the business of real estate when it comes to buyer prospects it is shown over time …

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