Cycles Cashflow and Minnesota Real Estate

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In this video I discuss different cycles in life and how we move ourselves through the different cash flow quadrants. From employee to self-employed to business to investor quadrants. We learn to control and adapt many different cycles in life and business.

Investor mindsets have patience for longer sales cycles and see the bigger picture from a higher level. You will see on here that many know I’m talking about rich dad poor dad by Robert …

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Supply and demand, cycles, and cash flow quadrant

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In this video I provide unique perspectives of how to view business in today’s world with teach and innovative disruption. I discuss the ESBI quadrants and the many cycles that are inside each. Teach and supply and demand are closely tied together these days. Trial and error has taught me a lot over the years. Enjoy the video and share it with anyone who will value it.

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B2b in Minnesota and real estate 

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B2b in Minnesota and real estate In this video I talk about how I see people are looking to build their team, build and focus on their niche and self-employed Quadrant. So much is going on around real estate and investing. Marketing and tech innovation remains a very interesting topic in the economy right now. Gain more certainty by watching my videos.

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