Why I think bandit signs work so well

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Why I think bandit signs work so well.​

Here I am out walking in search of a bandit sign to show you in Bloomington but I guess there weren’t any out there.  

In this video I get into the reasons and psychology of why I think bandit signs work so well. Number 3 is a good one for sure.

The full video as seen on Facebook and later on YouTube. Use this video to not only …

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Don’t feel stuck with mn real estate leads

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Don’t feel stuck with your 100s of hard-earned Minnesota real estate leads.
You’ve paid for the marketing with your time money or energy and you’ve now got leads, so do the best that you can to monetize them.  
I give you lots of ideas on how to think outside the box on these real estate leads here in Minnesota and how to maximize how many conversions you get by thinking of numerous housing situations and how you can help.…

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Motivated sellers in minnesota

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How to attract motivated sellersIn this video I discuss how to attract motivated sellers through your marketing from truly understanding their problems, emphasizing, and helping them through the process of their problem.  ​​​

I speak about positioning in marketing, working with wholesalers and those with large amounts of money. Enjoy the video and more to come.


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